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U.S. diplomat reiterates U.S. support for defense of Taiwan  

Saturday’s Sankei reported from Taipei on the first press conference on Friday by the new Director of the American Institute in Taiwan Sandra Oudkirk at which she underscored U.S. support for Taiwan’s self-defense. “We are deeply concerned by ongoing PRC’s efforts to undermine the stability” of the Taiwan Strait, she was quoted as saying. “We are committed to helping Taiwan maintain its ability to defend itself.” Asked whether the U.S. military would come to the defense of the island territory if it were attacked by China, the U.S. envoy said: “U.S. policy toward Taiwan is clear, is well-known, and has not changed.” As for Taiwan President Tsai’s confirmation of the presence of U.S. troops for the purpose of training the Taiwanese military, the U.S. diplomat simply stated: “The U.S. commitment to Taiwan is rock solid.” 


In a follow-up report, the daily’s Sunday edition took up remarks made by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang on Friday. He reportedly warned the United States against challenging the one-China policy. “Taiwan has no future other than reunification with the mainland,” he was quoted as saying. “The United States is undermining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. If it continues to behave unilaterally, it will have to pay the price.”  

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