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Kishida departs for UK to attend COP26

All national papers wrote that Prime Minister Kishida is en route to Glasgow to deliver a speech at COP26, with Nikkei saying that although he will only be able to stay there for a few hours, he chose to attend out of hope of holding talks, albeit brief, with multiple foreign leaders in person, including British Prime Minister Johnson and President Biden. As Kishida was not able to attend the G20 summit in Italy because of the general election and the upcoming APEC leaders’ meeting and the ASEM conference will be held virtually, the UK confab on climate change will be a rare opportunity for the new Japanese leader to exchange greetings with his foreign counterparts in person. The daily said Kishida is aiming to visit the U.S. for a full-fledged summit with the President at an early date, perhaps around the yearend or early in the new year, based on the belief that building close personal bonds with the U.S. leader will be critical for Japan to deal with North Korea and China and manage relations with ASEAN countries.


Sankei wrote that Kishida changed his mind and decided to travel to the UK following President Biden’s decision to attend COP26 so that he would be able to meet with the U.S leader even briefly to lay the groundwork for his trip to the U.S. for a full-scale summit.

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