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U.S. military fails to immediately repair devices to detect gas leaks in Okinawa

  • November 7, 2021
  • , Okinawa Times
  • JMH Translation

Sunday’s Okinawa Times led with a report filed by British freelance writer Jon Mitchell in which he said that in response to the paper’s earlier report that the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) expressed serious concern in 2014 over the detection of fuel leaks in underground pipelines the U.S. military operates in Okinawa and that 72% of the devices designed to detect vapor were found to be dysfunctional, the USFJ’s public affairs office reportedly told the paper on Saturday that the U.S. military began repairing the dysfunctional devices in 2018 but the work is not finished yet. When asked how the military had managed the detection system until its inspection in 2014, more than 30 years after it was installed in 1983, DLA reportedly said it does not possess records on the system prior to 2014. 

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