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Kishida holds talks with senior U.S. military official 

Today’s Sankei spotlighted visiting U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Commander Aquilino’s courtesy call on Prime Minister Kishida at the Kantei on Thursday. In response to Adm. Aquilino’s statement that the U.S.-Japan alliance is very strong, the premier said: “We would like to achieve a freer and more open Indo-Pacific through enhancing bilateral cooperation and coordinate closely for regional and global stability.” The top U.S. admiral in the Pacific  also met with Foreign Minister Hayashi yesterday and the two officials shared “serious concerns” about China’s unilateral attempts to alter the status quo.  According to the daily, during his third visit to Japan since assuming his post in April, Adm. Aquilino also held talks with SDF Joint Staff Chief of Staff Yamazaki to discuss the situation across the Taiwan Strait and visited the nation’s westernmost island of Yonaguni and Amami Island in Kagoshima on Tuesday to observe GSDF camps tasked with defending the Nansei islands from Chinese aggression.     

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