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New leadership announced for LDP’s tax research commission

  • November 17, 2021
  • , Sankei , p. 2
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The executive membership of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Research Commission on the Tax System was revealed on Nov. 16. Former Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsunobu will be the chair of the subcommittee in charge of tax-related initiatives. The tax commission was in an anomalous situation, with the resignation of seven of its nine top executives, including Noda Takeshi, who served as senior adviser, due to an ministerial appointment or loss in the Oct. 31 Lower House election. Kato, a former Finance Ministry bureaucrat who has served as health minister, will play a central role in restoring the commission to normalcy.


At the LDP General Council meeting held on Nov. 16, the LDP decided to appoint former Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Miyazawa Yoichi to chair the tax commission. Miyazawa had served as the tax commission subcommittee chair to date. This is the second time for Miyazawa to chair the tax commission.


The deputy chair will be Ishida Masatoshi, a former minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which has jurisdiction over local taxes. The commission’s secretary will Ogura Masanobu, a junior member of the Lower House who previously was a Bank of Japan officer. Ishida and Ogura will be responsible for writing the draft of the tax reform outline for local taxes and national taxes, respectively.


Former Finance Minister Nukaga Fukushiro, who currently serves as an advisor, will remain at his position. Former LDP Secretary-General Amari Akira, who resigned as chair of the tax commission when he became the LDP secretary-general, will also serve as advisor. Amari has close relations with business organizations, and will coordinate with the business community and government agencies involved with the economy.


The first informal executive committee (“inner group”) meeting will be held with the new members on Nov. 18. Discussions on the revision of the tax system for FY2022 will begin in earnest at the general meeting on Nov. 26.


                        Top members of the LDP Research Commission on the Tax System


Miyazawa Yoichi

Former finance ministry bureaucrat, former economic minister



Amari Akira

Former LDP secretary-general, former economy minister

Nukaga Fukushiro

Former finance minister, chair of LDP Diet members’ league on automotive issues 

Subcommittee chair

Kato Katsunobu

Former finance ministry bureaucrat, former chief cabinet secretary, former health minister

Subcommittee acting chair

Ishida Masatoshi

Former minister of internal affairs and communications, former LDP tax commission secretary

Deputy chairs


Moriyama Hiroshi

Former LDP Diet Affairs Committee chair, former agriculture minister

Shionoya Ryu

Former education minister, former LDP General Council chair


Ogura Masanobu

Former Bank of Japan officer, director of LDP Youth Division. Age 40.

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