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Concerns grow about Okinawa being forced to bear greater security burden

  • November 18, 2021
  • , Okinawa Times
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Okinawa Times published a Kyodo piece on Japan’s alleged readiness to heed a request by the United States to take on a greater cost for hosting American troops from fiscal 2022, voicing apprehension that the island prefecture will be forced to shoulder a greater defense burden amid the rising tension between the United States and China. As Tokyo is reportedly inclined to allocate in the host nation support budget more funds for joint training as well as airfields and other platforms for bilateral exercises, the daily projected that the U.S. military and the SDF are likely to conduct training more frequently in and around Okinawa because the two militaries regard the southernmost prefecture as the cornerstone for the defense of the Nansei Islands from Chinese aggression. Claiming that residents have already suffered considerable hardships, such as noise pollution at MCAS Futenma and Kadena AB, the article alleged that the GOJ’s moves to strengthen the security alliance with the United States will end up escalating the regional tension and run counter to its pledge to reduce the U.S. military footprint in Okinawa.

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