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Japan, China, South Korea to skip trilateral summit this year 

Monday’s Nikkei wrote that Japan, China, and South Korea will likely forgo holding a trilateral meeting of their leaders again this year. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, South Korea was expected to chair the meeting this year but has not made any preparations for hosting the summit. The paper wrote that relations between Japan and South Korea remain cool over the issue of compensation for requisitioned Korean workers and the Japanese vice foreign minister rejected the idea of holding a trilateral news conference with his U.S. and South Korean counterparts in Washington on Nov. 17 in protest of the Korean national police chief’s landing on the disputed Takeshima Islands on the previous day. With regard to relations with China, Tokyo has conveyed to Beijing its grave concern over Chinese government vessels’ repeated intrusions into Japan’s territorial waters near the Senkaku Islands and is calling for peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait along with the United States.     

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