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Three MV-22 Ospreys arrive at Naha military port without prior notification

  • November 20, 2021
  • , Okinawa Times, Ryukyu Shimpo
  • JMH Summary

Saturday’s Ryukyu Shimpo led with a report saying three Futenma-based MV-22 Ospreys arrived at Naha Military Port on Friday. The paper wrote that the U.S. military did not notify either the prefectural government or the Defense Ministry’s Okinawa bureau ahead of the landing. Okinawa Governor Tamaki and Naha Mayor Shiroma both released statements on Thursday expressing strong displeasure over the aircraft’s landing at the port. According to the Marines, the three Ospreys are expected to be shipped from the port to the U.S. mainland for maintenance. The paper also wrote that the Marines compiled an environmental review in 2012 ahead of the Ospreys’ deployment in Okinawa and that Naha Military Port was not among the 69 locations designated for use by them. Okinawa Times ran a similar report on its front page, quoting Governor Tamaki as saying the aircraft’s landing at the port, which is located near downtown Naha, without prior notification caused anxiety among residents.

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