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Court approves power harassment appeal by Japanese employee at Atsugi AB

Tuesday’s Asahi wrote that the Tokyo District Court partially approved on Monday an appeal by a former Japanese employee at Naval Air Facility Atsugi in which she sought 38 million yen ($331,000) in damages from the Japanese government over power harassment by her American supervisor. The court ordered the GOJ to pay 550,000 yen ($4,792) to the plaintiff by judging that the supervisor infringed on the plaintiff’s personal rights by reprimanding her with insulting language. The court determined that the GOJ is liable for damages to Japanese nationals working at U.S. bases in Japan because it employs them. According to the plaintiff’s counsel, this was the first time for a Japanese court to acknowledge power harassment of a Japanese employee at a U.S. base. The plaintiff, a woman in her 60s who worked at a division that provides support services to U.S. servicemembers and their dependents, claimed that she had developed an adjustment disorder due to power harassment by her female supervisor in 2013 and quit in 2016 after being absent from work.

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