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Japanese, Vietnamese defense chiefs oppose China’s attempts to change status quo

  • November 24, 2021
  • , All national papers
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The Wednesday editions of all national dailies wrote that Defense Minister Kishi and his Vietnamese counterpart Phan Van Giang met in Tokyo on Tuesday and shared the view that their nations strongly oppose unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force with China’s military activities in South China Sea in mind. The defense chiefs also agreed to accelerate talks on Japan’s exports of warships and other defense equipment to Vietnam based on a bilateral agreement they signed in September on the transfer of defense equipment and technology. The two also signed agreements on cybersecurity and military medicine. Kishi told reporters after the meeting that Japan and Vietnam agreed to more actively contribute to peace and stability in the region and the international community under a new level of defense cooperation. According to Yomiuri, Kishi criticized the recent joint flights by Chinese and Russian bombers over the East China Sea by saying Japan has serious concern about the flights from the viewpoint of national security.

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