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CDPJ elects Izumi as new leader

  • December 1, 2021
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All national dailies reported on the election on Tuesday of Izumi Kenta as the new leader of the largest opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan. Izumi, a 47-year-old member of the House of Representatives currently serving his eighth term, won in a runoff in a four-way race to choose the successor to Edano Yukio, who stepped down to take responsibility for the CDPJ’s loss in the general election in October. “I believe the top priority is rebuilding the party,” Izumi said at a news conference. He expressed willingness to cooperate with the other opposition parties in single-seat constituencies in the House of Councillors election next summer but suggested reviewing the “limited non-cabinet alliance” agreement the CDPJ reached with the Japanese Communist Party under the leadership of Edano.

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