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China expresses displeasure over former PM Abe’s remarks on Taiwan 

Yomiuri, Mainichi, and Sankei wrote that China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Thursday that it has lodged a protest with the GOJ over former Prime Minister Abe’s comments on issues related to Taiwan. At a virtual event hosted by a Taiwanese think tank on Wednesday, Abe said: “If China were to launch an armed attack against Taiwan, it would be an emergency for Japan and for the U.S.-Japan alliance.” In response, Assistant Foreign Minister Hua Chunying called an emergency meeting with Japanese Ambassador to China Tarumi on Wednesday evening and said Abe’s remarks were a violent interference in China’s domestic affairs and China objects to them. Tarumi reportedly responded by saying China should understand that in Japan there is such a way of thinking about Taiwan and that Tokyo cannot accept Beijing’s unilateral assertions. Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno told reporters on Thursday that the GOJ would not comment on remarks made by Abe since he is no longer a member of the Japanese government. 

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