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U.S. military says F-16 jettisoned tanks after being warned of engine trouble

Mainichi wrote that concerning the incident on Tuesday in which a Misawa-based F-16 jettisoned two fuel tanks during flight training, the U.S. military told the Misawa city government on Wednesday that the pilot jettisoned the tanks after being warned of engine trouble. On Thursday the U.S. military reportedly found the second tank about 900 meters southeast of the location where the other tank was found on the day of the incident. According to the municipal government, the deputy commander of the Misawa Air Base said the pilot jettisoned the tanks in accordance with the U.S. military’s flight manual that instructs pilots to jettison fuel tanks to make the plane lighter in the event of engine trouble. Asahi, Nikkei, and Sankei ran similar articles, while Yomiuri only published a brief story on the finding of the second tank.

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