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U.S. military, GOJ reacted with more consideration for aircraft incident in Aomori than one in Okinawa

Ryukyu Shimpo front-paged the reactions by the U.S. military and the Defense Ministry to the two recent incidents involving military aircraft in Okinawa and Aomori, saying that their response to the latter case in which a Misawa-based fighter jettisoned two fuel tanks before making an emergency landing at a local airport was much swifter and more considerate than the reaction to the Okinawa mishap in which a stainless-steel water bottle fell from a Futenma-based MV-22. For the Futenma incident, the local U.S. military authorities rejected the prefectural government’s request for officials to visit and provide an explanation and an apology. The local defense bureau also chose not to ask the U.S. military to suspend Osprey flights. In contrast, the Misawa AB deputy commander visited the Aomori prefectural government and relevant municipal offices voluntarily a day after the incident to offer an apology. The Defense Ministry also demanded that all F-16s be grounded until confirmation is made regarding the safety of the model. The paper noted that in both cases, the U.S. military has continued to operate the same models.

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