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Kishida to vow law for quick vaccine approval: speech draft

Tokyo, Dec. 2 (Jiji Press)–Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, in his upcoming parliamentary speech, will vow to develop a law for quick approval of drugs and vaccines, with the spread of a new coronavirus variant in mind, it was learned on Thursday.


According to a draft of the policy address to be delivered in an extraordinary parliamentary session from Monday, Kishida will also reveal a plan to invest 500 billion yen for the domestic development and production of vaccines and drugs.


To speed up vaccine and drug approval procedures in emergencies, the government plans to submit a bill to revise the pharmaceutical products and devices law during next year’s ordinary session starting in January.


The draft says that the Kishida administration will respond to the coronavirus “carefully and meticulously.” The prime minister will stress that he would take full responsibility for any criticism that the government is excessively careful.


Kishida will say that a little more time is needed before resuming normal economic and social activities, and that the government will carefully examine the situation without being optimistic.


Meanwhile, Kishida will describe his initiative for new capitalism as a “once-in-generations challenge,” mentioning his goal of boosting incomes of young people and child-rearing families through redistribution measures positioned as “investment in the future.”


The prime minister will pledge to use a total of 7 trillion yen for poor households, students and families with small children.


He will also say the government will promote the disclosure of non-financial information by companies, in order to “make visible” corporate investment in human resources.


On economic security, Kishida will announce a plan to submit a related bill during the ordinary parliamentary session, noting that increasing the resilience of supply chains and ensuring the credibility of core infrastructure are “urgent tasks.”


Also in the speech, the prime minister will indicate that the government will revise its national security strategy by the end of next year.

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