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U.S., Japanese defense chiefs agree to hold 2+2 meeting soon 

Saturday’s Yomiuri wrote that Secretary of Defense Austin and Minister of Defense Kishi spoke by phone for about 30 minutes on Friday and agreed that the United States and Japan will further strengthen the deterrence and capabilities of their alliance and hold a 2+2 meeting at an early date. Kishi reportedly commented on the Pentagon’s Global Posture Review completed last month by saying Japan welcomes the United States’ strengthened commitment to the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific. The two defense chiefs also reaffirmed bilateral and trilateral cooperation with South Korea in response to North Korea’s missile programs. The paper wrote that although they discussed Japan’s share of the cost of stationing U.S. forces in Japan, Kishi declined to disclose the details of the discussion to reporters. Nikkei ran a similar report speculating that Washington and Tokyo are seeking to reach a broad agreement on host nation support by the end of the year.  

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