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Lawmaker group visits Yasukuni Shrine

  • December 7, 2021
  • English Press

The group’s members had not visited the shrine together since the fall of 2019 due to the pandemic.


The shrine honors Japan’s war dead. Those remembered include leaders convicted of war crimes after World War Two.


Nearly 100 members of both chambers of the Diet went to the shrine together on Tuesday morning. Participants included lawmakers of the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party, Nippon Ishin Japan Innovation Party and the Democratic Party for the People.


The group includes nine state ministers and parliamentary vice ministers from the Kishida Cabinet.


The group usually visits the shrine during its spring and autumn festivals and on August 15, the day Japan commemorates the end of World War Two.


The group decided to visit the shrine because the nation’s coronavirus situation has stabilized and the Lower House election took place.


The group’s head, former Upper House vice president Otsuji Hidehisa, told reporters that it was good to visit the shrine as a group again.


Otsuji said he asked the war dead to protect Japan from the national crisis caused by the virus.


He also said he believes Prime Minister Kishida Fumio wishes to visit the shrine, and he wants the prime minister to do so at an early date.


Chinese and South Korean leaders have criticized their Japanese counterparts for visiting the shrine. They are angry that those remembered include military and political leaders convicted of war crimes after World War Two.

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