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GOJ likely to decide not to send cabinet ministers to Beijing Olympics

All networks reported at noon on the announcement by Australian Prime Minister Morrison that Australia will not send any government officials to the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics on account of human rights issues in China. 


Meanwhile, TBS reported that an idea has emerged within the GOJ not to send any cabinet members to the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics given that while Japan needs to take the “diplomatic boycotts” by the U.S and Australia into consideration, continuing its diplomatic dialogue with China is important. The network said the GOJ may decide not to use the term “diplomatic boycott” and instead forgo sending any cabinet members to the Beijing Games, adding that Japan Sports Agency chief Murofushi may be sent instead. A government official reportedly told the network that “there was absolutely no request from the U.S. to follow suit.” The network said the GOJ is likely to make a careful decision after closely monitoring the moves of the other G7 nations, adding that Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno stressed again today that no decision has been made on Japan’s handling of the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics.

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