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Anti-Chinese sentiment rising within LDP  

  • December 9, 2021
  • , Yomiuri
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Yomiuri reported on growing criticism of China within the ruling LDP over its human rights and civil liberties abuses in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. Conservative-minded hardliners are reportedly mulling submitting to the ongoing Diet session a resolution denouncing such conduct and urging the Chinese leadership to halt these practices. They are also calling for the Kishida administration to join the United States, Australia, and the UK in a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics. “Dispatching a cabinet-level official to the event would send the wrong signal,” said Chairman Sato Masahisa of the LDP taskforce on diplomacy. LDP Policy Research Council Chairwoman Takaichi has also called for a diplomatic boycott of the international sporting event. These politicians reportedly take issue with Prime Minister Kishida apparently being conciliatory toward Beijing as suggested by his appointment of Foreign Minister Hayashi, who is regarded as an expert on China. The premier is reportedly displeased that the hardliners see him as a “panda hugger.”  

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