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Kishida promises to make diplomatic efforts to reach agreement at NPT meeting  

All national dailies wrote that during a virtual meeting on nuclear disarmament held last night, Prime Minister Kishida unveiled a plan to dispatch to selected countries the special advisor on nuclear reductions and nonproliferation, Terada Minoru, so that they can cooperate for adopting an agreement in the upcoming NPT Review conference to be held in January. “Japan will do its utmost to help the session reach an agreement that will mark substantive progress toward a world without nuclear weapons,” he was quoted as saying. “We will continue to proactively lobby world leaders” by sending the advisor ahead of the confab.  


Yomiuri added that the premier will dispatch Foreign Minister Hayashi and Terada to attend the NPT session that will open on Jan. 4. Noting that their participation will reflect Kishida’s strong commitment to nuclear disarmament, the daily projected that the foreign minister will deliver remarks on the first day expressing Japan’s plan to serve as a “bridge between the nuclear and nonnuclear powers” and urge the nuclear club members to increase transparency of their nuclear stockpiles. The daily noted that as a politician who represents Hiroshima, Terada heads an LDP parliamentary league on nuclear arms reductions.    

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