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Japan elects not to join U.S.-led consortium on export controls 

  • December 12, 2021
  • , Sankei
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Sunday’s Sankei front-paged the launch of a four-party export control regime between the United States, Australia, Denmark, and Norway aimed at protecting human rights in China and elsewhere, explaining that the GOJ decided not to join the group since Japan’s legal framework does not envision the application of export controls based on human rights criteria. Pointing out that the UK, France, the Netherlands, and Canada have voiced support for the “Export Controls Human Rights Initiative,” the daily claimed that the Biden administration did not ask Tokyo to endorse it. The paper added that some GOJ officials are hesitant to enable the application of export regulations for the purpose of preventing human rights abuses in China because similar restrictions would need to be applied to the Philippines, Myanmar, and other nations that Japan hopes to enlist in tightening the noose around China. 

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