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Gov’t considering economic security promotion legislation focused on defense

The government is considering drafting an economic security promotion bill focused on defense and aimed at strengthening Japan’s manufacturing capabilities and technological infrastructure for fighter jets and other key defense equipment, several government sources revealed on Dec. 10. The government plans to submit an economic security promotion bill covering a wide range of industries to the January ordinary Diet session for enactment in 2022. In addition, the government finds it necessary to also introduce a bill with measures aimed at building resilient supply chains exclusively for the defense industry.


The economic security promotion bill is aimed at building more resilient supply chains, ensuring the security of Japan’s critical infrastructure, developing and protecting cutting-edge technologies, and restricting the disclosure of patents. The government is also considering enhancing regulations and assistance for industries and research institutes.


Companies contracted to build defense equipment, however, require more robust supply chains and information leakage prevention measures than other industries. Because of this, many in the defense bureaus are calling for the introduction of separate legislation focused entirely on defense equipment.


Within the government, however, efforts are underway to integrate defense issues into the economic security promotion bill. Discussions on the matter are entering the final stage.


The government also plans to revise the National Security Strategy (NSS), national defense program guidelines, and medium-term defense program by the end of 2022. To incorporate modifications made to these three documents, the government will likely submit a defense-focused economic security promotion bill to the ordinary Diet session in January 2023.

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