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Morning news

  • December 15, 2021
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Broadcasters led with reports on the unlikelihood of an amendment being passed during the current extraordinary Diet session to address the issue of Diet members receiving the full monthly payment of 1 million yen for expenses even if they have only been in the office one day that month (NHK), the cold weather in the Kanto region yesterday (NTV), the finding that three political groups received COVID-19 subsidies from the government (TBS), an incident in which two workers died after falling into a silo at a concrete plant (Fuji TV), and popular singer Aiko’s marriage announcement (TV Asahi).


Top items in national papers included Toyota’s plan to invest heavily in the production of electric vehicles, a GOJ plan to name an organization in charge of issues related to minors the “Agency for Children and Families Affairs,” the GOJ’s flipflop on its cash handout program for households with children aged 18 or younger, and alleged tampering by the Land and Infrastructure Ministry of raw data used in key statistics on the construction industry.

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