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Okinawa governor comments on Futenma relocation

  • December 15, 2021
  • , Okinawa Times
  • JMH Translation

Okinawa Times wrote that on the occasion of the third anniversary of the start of landfill work for the construction of the Futenma Replacement Facility at Henoko on Tuesday, Okinawa Governor Tamaki told reporters he cannot accept the central government’s policy of highhandedly moving forward with the construction work while ignoring the opinions of the people of Okinawa. Tamaki stressed that the Okinawan people expressed their opposition to the Henoko project in the gubernatorial elections in 2014 and 2018 and the referendum in 2019 and that the prospects for completing the construction have become even more uncertain following his rejection of a GOJ request to change the design of the landfill work to reinforce the soft seabed there. The governor also said he hopes the central government, despite its position that Henoko is the only option, will hold discussions on removing the danger of the Futenma Air Station with the U.S. side by sincerely taking into account the will of the local residents.

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