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U.S., Japan reach broad agreement on Japan’s share of cost for hosting U.S. troops

  • December 17, 2021
  • , Mainichi
  • JMH Summary

Mainichi wrote that it learned from multiple sources connected with the GOJ and the ruling coalition on Thursday that the governments of the United States and Japan have reached a broad agreement under which Japan will spend 210 billion yen ($1.84 billion) annually, up by about 10 billion yen ($88 million) from fiscal 2021, for five years starting in fiscal 2022 for hosting U.S. forces in the country. The paper wrote that the two governments are planning to officially announce the agreement soon and sign a revised Special Measures Agreement at their 2+2 meeting expected to be convened as early as Jan. 7. The paper wrote that with China’s military rise in mind, the Ministry of Defense will allocate additional funds for the SDF’s joint training with the U.S. military, while reducing spending for utility fees at U.S. bases in Japan. Sankei ran a similar report.

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