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Public support for Kishida cabinet rises

Asahi wrote that its nationwide telephone survey conducted on Dec. 18-19 showed that public support for the Kishida cabinet rose to 49%, up 4 points from a month ago, and nonsupport dropped by 4 points to 27%. While support from male respondents rose from 47% to 50%, support from female respondents increased from 43% to 49%. More than 50% of women in their 30s and 40s approved of the Kishida cabinet. When asked about the government’s program to dispense 100,000 yen in cash and vouchers to households with children aged 18 or younger, 50% of the respondents welcomed it, while 40% did not.

Sankei also reported on the results of its joint public opinion poll conducted with the Fuji News Network on Dec. 18-19, which showed that support for the Kishida cabinet rose by 3.2 points to 66.4% while nonsupport declined by 4.5 points to 26.2%. When asked whether Japan should politically boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics, 45.4% said it should, while 44.1% said it should not. Asked their views on the GOJ’s measures against COVID-19, 67.7%, up 7.8 points, welcomed them, while 24.5%, down by 10.6 points, did not. Some 84.3% approved of the government’s ban on the entry of foreign travelers from around the world, while 12% did not.

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