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69% say govt’s decision to not send officials to Beijing Games appropriate, Nikkei poll

The Nikkei nationwide public opinion poll [conducted on Dec. 24–26] probed views on the government’s decision not to dispatch cabinet ministers and other high-ranking officials to the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games scheduled for February 2022. A full 69% of respondents said the decision was “appropriate,” outpacing the 22% who said it was not.


Some 74% of LDP supporters said the measure is “appropriate,” 5 percentage points higher than the overall figure. About 60% of Komeito supporters and slightly less than 70% of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan supporters deemed the move appropriate.


Just under 90% of conservatives who cited “constitutional amendment” as a policy issue that they want Kishida to prioritize said the decision is “appropriate.”


Japan has acted in step with the United States and the United Kingdom, which have declared a “diplomatic boycott.” However, Kishida did not describe the move as a protest against China’s human rights issues like the United States has. Rather, the Prime Minister emphasized the move was Japan’s own decision.


Hashimoto Seiko, president of the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and Yamashita Yasuhiro, president of the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC), will attend the Beijing Games.

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