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U.S. Embassy official to visit DPRK abduction sites in Niigata

NHK reported that it has learned from multiple sources that arrangements are being made for an official working on North Korean issues at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo and other people to visit next week the site in the city of Niigata where abduction victim Yokota Megumi is believed to have been kidnapped by North Korean agents in 1977 and another site in the city of Kashiwazaki where Hasuike Kaoru and his wife Yukiko are believed to have been abducted in 1978. The network said this will the first time for a person connected with the U.S. Embassy to make an official visit to the road leading to a junior high school in Niigata where Yokota is believed to have been kidnapped since then-Ambassador Roos visited there 11 years ago, and this will probably the very first time for an embassy official to visit the coast in Kashiawazaki where Hasuike and his wife are believed to have been abducted. The broadcaster said that the leaders of municipalities in Niigata Prefecture are stepping up their campaigns toward resolving the abduction issue, saying that the mayors of Kashiwazaki and Sado, where Soga Hitomi and her mother are believed to have been abducted, sent a message to President Biden via the Embassy last August asking for U.S. assistance in resolving the abduction issue. 

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