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USG announces sanctions against eight DPRK-linked individuals and entities

NHK reported this morning that the U.S. government announced on Wednesday that it has imposed sanctions on six DPRK individuals, one Russian individual, and one Russian entity for engaging in North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. Out of the seven individuals, five Russia-based North Korean individuals were reportedly engaged in such activities as procuring telecommunications-related equipment from Russia for DPRK companies. The network said Secretary of State Blinken stressed in a statement: “The United States will use every appropriate tool to address the DPRK’s WMD and ballistic missile programs, which constitute a serious threat to international peace and security and undermine the global nonproliferation regime…. We urge all UN Member States to fully implement the UN Security Council resolutions addressing the DPRK.”


In addition, the network said U.S. Ambassador to UN Thomas-Greenfield tweeted on Wednesday that “the U.S. is proposing UN sanctions following North Korea’s six ballistic missile launches since September 2021,” adding, however, that the UNSC is unlikely to be able to build a consensus on North Korea since China and Russia are claiming that sanctions against North Korea should be relaxed. 


Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno reportedly told the press this morning: “Japan will support the U.S. position on resolving North Korea’s nuclear and missile issues… Japan has been taking measures such as freezing the assets of individuals and entities involved in activities banned by the UNSC resolutions and banning the entry of North Korean individuals in principle. We will continue to ensure the effectiveness of the UNSC resolutions and implement these measures.”

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