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Public approval for Kishida Cabinet rises to 66%

Monday’s Yomiuri gave front-page play to a report on the results of its opinion poll conducted between Jan. 14 and 16, which found that the public support for the Kishida Cabinet rose 4 points from last month to 66%, marking a record high since the current Cabinet was launched in October 2021. Nonsupport remained unchanged at 22%. The paper wrote that although public approval ratings tended to drop when COVID-19 cases increased under the former Suga Cabinet, the Kishida Cabinet was able to maintain high public approval amid the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. The paper said 52% of respondents welcomed the GOJ’s handling of the new coronavirus, surpassing the 41% who expressed disapproval. In addition, 76% welcomed the GOJ’s decision to have COVID-19 patients with mild or no symptoms recuperate at home or in other facilities to maintain the healthcare system, and 86% approved Prime Minister Kishida’s call on schools to respond flexibly to situations where students preparing to take entrance exams come into close contact with those infected with COVID-19. Meanwhile, concerning the spread of the virus at USFJ facilities and their surrounding municipalities, 60% said the Japanese government is primarily responsible, while 32% said otherwise.

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