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Fukushima re-elected SDP head without vote

  • January 14, 2022
  • , Jiji Press , 8:48 p.m.
  • English Press

Tokyo, Jan. 14 (Jiji Press)–Mizuho Fukushima was re-elected head of Japan’s Social Democratic Party without contest on Friday as she was the only one who registered her candidacy for the small opposition party’s leadership election.

“I want to expand the party and change this society by doing whatever it takes to win in the House of Councillors election (this summer),” Fukushima, 66, said.

Her term will be two years.

Fukushima will officially take up the post as SDP head at a two-day party convention from March 19.

Indicating that she plans to give street speeches and hold town meetings throughout Japan before the election for the upper chamber of the Diet, Japan’s parliament, Fukushima said, “I hope to seek support from nonregular workers, younger people and women.”

The SDP has two Diet members–Fukushima, an Upper House lawmaker, and a member of the House of Representatives, the lower chamber.

In last year’s Lower House election, the SDP only gained 1.77 pct of all valid votes in the proportional representation bloc.

The party needs to win at least 2 pct of votes in the upcoming Upper House election in order to maintain the status of a political party under the public offices election law.

“I will work toward getting at least three (SDP) members elected under the proportional representation system,” Fukushima said.

She voiced hopes that the party will actively field candidates in the prefectural constituencies as well.

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