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Newspapers are most trusted source of information, Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association poll

  • January 21, 2022
  • , Tokyo Shimbun , p. 22
  • JMH Translation

On Jan. 20, the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association (Pressnet) announced the results of its October 2021 Newspaper Audience Survey. A full 47.1% of respondents said they trust the information in the newspaper, making it the most trusted medium of information.


The survey probed usage of the media, including newspapers, the television, and the Internet and was conducted of 1,200 men and women age 15 through 79.


Asked to name media that have accurate information (multiple responses permitted), 47.5% of respondents said “newspapers,” while 35.6% of respondents said “television,” and 15.5% said “the Internet.”


Asked if they check the source of information they find on the Internet, only 37.6% of respondents said that they either “always” or “generally” check the source.


Regarding the amount of time spent reading or skimming the newspaper, the results of the recent poll were compared with the results of the 2019 survey taken before the pandemic. The average amount of time a day spent with the newspaper increased by 3.3 minutes to reach 25.2 minutes on weekdays. On weekends, the amount of time spent increased by 2.6 minutes to reach 28.1 minutes. A representative of Pressnet commented, “Interest in information in newspapers has increased since the pandemic.”

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