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GOJ launches discussions with experts on updating Japan’s national security strategy 

  • January 27, 2022
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All national dailies wrote that the GOJ held its first meeting with a group of experts on Wednesday to discuss updating Japan’s National Security Strategy and other key security documents this year. National Security Secretariat (NSS) Secretary General Akiba and senior officials of the Defense and Foreign Ministries represented the government at the meeting, and former Defense Minister Morimoto and former NSS chiefs Yachi and Kitamura also took part in the discussions.


Nikkei wrote that Japan will revise its security strategy to extend its cooperation with the United States to new domains such as space and cyberspace. The paper added that expert panel hearings will be held until the fall and cover a broad range of issues with security implications, including artificial intelligence, quantum technology, and climate change. The paper also wrote that as the United States has been conducting its own strategic review, Tokyo looks to align closer with Washington on the security front in view of the growing military threat posed by China, including its handling of Taiwan and maritime expansion in the Indo-Pacific region. The paper went on to say that although economic security has never been part of Japan’s security strategy, it is growing in importance and the revised strategy will bolster supply chains and safeguard advanced technologies that could be used for military purposes. 

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