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Cabinet endorses nomination of Sado gold mine as UNESCO World Heritage site

  • February 1, 2022
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All broadcasters highlighted the Kishida Cabinet’s approval this morning of the GOJ’s plan to nominate the Sado gold mine in Niigata for inclusion in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites for 2023, saying that the recommendation will be forwarded to the UN agency later today. As UNESCO has been calling for dialogue between relevant countries when nominating candidate sites, the GOJ is set to provide detailed briefings to South Korea. “We are aware that there are pros and cons for the registration despite the very high value of the gold mine,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said during a morning press conference. “We will conduct careful discussions with South Korea and others in a cool-headed manner so that the site’s extraordinary value as a cultural asset will be recognized abroad.” The government spokesman added that the first meeting of an inter-agency taskforce charged with disseminating the nation’s narrative on the subject to the international community will be held soon.

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