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Ambassador Emanuel, FM Hayashi confirm U.S.-Japan cooperation

  • February 2, 2022
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All national dailies reported on Ambassador Emanuel’s courtesy call on Foreign Minister Hayashi on Tuesday. Asahi wrote that during their 40-minute conversation, the Ambassador and the foreign minister agreed to work together to realize the vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific and strengthen the U.S.-Japan alliance. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hayashi told Ambassador Emanuel that in order to further strengthen the bilateral alliance, he would like to build a relationship in which he can have candid discussions. The ministry also said that Ambassador Emanuel said in response that the United States will firmly address the challenges facing the two countries. The paper wrote that ahead of his meeting with Hayashi, the Ambassador tweeted: “Today, I’m taking the first steps in my role as Ambassador…. Ready to start running!”


Mainichi wrote that ahead of the meeting with Hayashi, the Ambassador presented Vice Foreign Minister Mori with a copy of his credentials as ambassador. The paper wrote that at his meeting with Hayashi, the Ambassador said that what the United States and Japan will do in the next three years will determine the next 30 years. The paper also wrote that referring to Russia’s deployment of a large number of troops near the border with Ukraine and North Korea’s missile launches, the Ambassador stressed the importance of U.S.-Japan cooperation. The paper added that Ambassador Emanuel is a heavyweight politician on whom President Biden puts his trust and that he kicked off his official business as ambassador on Tuesday after completing his quarantine in Japan. The paper also wrote that the Ambassador is planning to hold talks with Prime Minister Kishida and present his credentials to the Emperor in the near future.


Nikkei wrote online that concerning North Korea’s repeated ballistic missile launches and the situation in Ukraine, Ambassador Emanuel said that the United States will firmly cope with the challenges facing the United States and Japan. The paper also wrote that having China in mind, the Ambassador said that the rule-based democratic order is under threat. The paper noted that this was first time for Ambassador Emanuel since arriving in Japan on Jan. 23 to hold a face-to-face meeting with a minister of the Kishida Cabinet. Yomiuri wrote that Ambassador Emanuel and Minister Hayashi exchanged views about China’s military pressure and North Korea’s repeated missile firings and agreed to further strengthen the U.S.-Japan alliance. Sankei wrote that the Ambassador criticized China for its “coercion, intimidation, and disinformation.” The Ambassador also commented on North Korea by saying Pyongyang is trying to test the patience of the international community by testing its missile capability.


NHK’s online story quoted the Ambassador as telling Hayashi that China’s coercive attitude and Russia’s massive military buildup on the Ukrainian border are becoming clear threats to peace and security and that North Korea’s missile launches are a challenge to the stability in the region.


TV Tokyo’s weekday evening news show “World Business Satellite” aired a minute-long segment of the Ambassador walking to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a meeting with Minister Hayashi. The broadcaster showed the Ambassador telling a reporter about his intention to further enhance the relationship between the United States and Japan that is based on a foundation built up over many years.


Fuji TV said on its website that citing China, North Korea, and Russia as elements of international concern surrounding the United States and Japan, the Ambassador said that the United States is fully committed to working with Japan to counter the challenges facing the two allies.


The Huffington Post Japan wrote that Ambassador Emanuel disclosed in his tweet that he brought Foreign Minister Hayashi an autographed guitar strap and CD from Chicago Blues legend Buddy Guy as a gift.

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