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Five ex-premiers criticized for letter to EU on Fukushima children

NHK reported last night on remarks made to the press on Wednesday by LDP Policy Research Council Chairperson Takaichi regarding a joint letter sent recently to the EU by five former Japanese prime ministers calling for breaking away from nuclear energy by saying some children in Fukushima are suffering from thyroid cancer and a massive amount of national wealth was lost as a result of the nuclear accident 11 years ago. Takaichi stressed that the allegation about thyroid cancer among local children by former Prime Ministers Koizumi, Murayama, Hosokawa, Hatoyama, and Kan is unsubstantiated. “Health experts at home and abroad have concluded the radiation generated by the accident was probably not the cause of the disease,” she said, adding that the party will protest since the former leaders’ unfounded allegations could ruin local farmers’ and fishermen’s efforts to market their products overseas. Prime Minister Kishida and Fukushima Governor Uchibori expressed similar opinions, urging the retired politicians to rely on “established scientific knowledge” when making comments on the Fukushima accident.

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