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U.S. partially lifts additional tariffs on Japanese steel

  • February 9, 2022
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All national dailies reported on the announcement by the U.S. and Japanese governments that the United States will partially lift the additional 25% tariff on Japanese steel in April. The papers said up to 1.25 million tons of steel a year will be exempt from the additional tariff, while the additional 10% tariff on Japanese aluminum will remain in place. Noting that Japan has been calling for a complete lifting of Section 232 tariffs on both steel and aluminum, Nikkei said the United States likely prioritized striking a partial deal at this time to avoid reaching an agreement on tariffs right before the midterm elections in the fall. The daily said that although Secretary of Commerce Raimondo said in a statement that the agreement addresses “a major irritant between the United States and Japan, one of our most important allies,” Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Hagiuda reportedly told the press on Tuesday that Japan will continue to call for a complete lifting of the tariffs.

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