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Japanese amphibious troops conduct training in U.S.

NHK reported online on an exercise being conducted in California by 1,400 members of the GSDF and the USMC. The media was allowed to observe a portion of the training on Wednesday. Troops from a Nagasaki-based GSDF amphibious unit conducted live fire training together with their U.S. counterparts with the goal of enhancing bilateral deterrence against China’s rapid arms buildup. Commander Nashiki of the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade emphasized the importance of joint training to enable his unit to respond to any type of contingency amid the increasingly severe security environment around Japan, while Commander George Smith of the I Marine Expeditionary Force reportedly said that the bilateral alliance is becoming ever more important given the security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. TV Asahi also reported on the exercise, noting that it is called “Iron Fist” and airing a video of GSDF and USMC troops engaged in live fire training.  

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