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Ambassador Emanuel takes train for meeting with Yokosuka leader

Sankei and Yomiuri reported that in his first official visit to a local Japanese government since taking office last month, Ambassador Emanuel met with Yokosuka Mayor Kamiji on Thursday, highlighting his “unusual” decision to take a train for a half-day excursion out of Tokyo, which included a tour of the USS Ronald Reagan at Yokosuka Naval Base. After being received by the mayor at Yokosuka Central Station, the two officials reportedly walked together to the municipal hall for a meeting.


During his session with the municipal leader, the Ambassador was quoted as saying: “The U.S. military would like to be a good neighbor for local citizens. Cooperation between the city and the [Yokosuka Naval] base is an excellent model for other Japanese communities that host U.S. installations.” The articles said the Ambassador is an aficionado of trains, explaining that he often used commercial transportation when he was Chicago mayor.

Kyodo filed a similar report, saying that Ambassador Emanuel met with the CNFJ Commander, Rear Adm. Carl Lahti, and other senior Navy officials at the Yokosuka base. The Ambassador reportedly said aboard the USS Ronald Reagan that he is hoping to make its sailors lives easier. The Ambassador also attended a naturalization ceremony aboard the nuclear-powered flattop to grant U.S. citizenship to sailors, noting that in the United States, even a son of immigrants like himself is able to become an ambassador.

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