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LDP to launch a new in-house organization on food security

  • February 17, 2022
  • , Sankei , p. 5
  • JMH Translation

The Liberal Democratic Party plans to set up a new in-house organization to discuss overall national security policies concerning food, including food safety and the improvement of the nation’s food self-sufficiency, the Sankei Shimbun learned on Feb. 16. The party regards securing stable food supplies as a key element of national security and will discuss various challenges Japan faces, such as the expansion of food production and reduction of procurement risks of farm products, including ingredients, with an eye on making necessary revisions to the existing law or establishing new ones.


The group to be launched is a “committee to discuss food security,” in which LDP General Council Acting Executive Chairperson Moriyama Hiroshi (former minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries) will serve as chairman and another former Agriculture Minister Saito Ken will act as his deputy. General Council Chairperson Fukuda Tatsuo will act as an advisor. It will be set up under the research commission on agriculture and forestry (led by Eto Taku). The first meeting will be held next week to start the process of identifying food security issues and considering solutions. The group will aim to come up with a proposal in May with an eye on revising the Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas Basic Act. (Abridged)

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