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“An aficionado of trains,” U.S. envoy rides the Keikyu line to visit Yokosuka mayor, confirms cooperation

By Yonemoto Ryoko


On Feb. 17, U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel, who took up his post in January 2022, called on Mayor Kamiji Katsuaki of Yokosuka City, the location of Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka. Ambassador Emanuel and Kamiji confirmed that they will continue their cooperation. According to the U.S. Embassy in Japan, this is the first time Ambassador Emanuel has visited the head of a local government since he arrived in Tokyo.


Ambassador Emanuel, who loves trains and railroads, took the train to Yokosuka at his request, according to the U.S. Embassy. Ambassador Emanuel arrived at Yokosuka-chuo Station by limited express train on the Keikyu Line at around 9:00 a.m. He was greeted by Kamiji and Rear Admiral Carl Lahti, the Commander of the U.S. Naval Forces Japan, with whom he walked about 500 meters to the city hall. Along the way, Ambassador Emanuel listened to a band perform as part of the city-sponsored outdoor music festival.


U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel (front row, center), who took the Keikyu Line to Yokosuka, walks to the city hall with Mayor Kamiji (front row, right). Photo taken in front of Yokosuka-chuo Station.

Ambassador Emanuel said at the meeting that he would like to build a cooperative relationship with Yokosuka as a “good neighbor,” citing examples such as providing booster shots for Japanese employees working at the base. Ambassador Emanuel said that the relationship between Yokosuka City and the U.S. naval facility is “an example for the entire country, one where we can highlight a true partnership.” Kamiji said that “it was an honor” for him to walk with Ambassador Emanuel in Yokosuka. Ambassador Emanuel next visited Yokosuka base.


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