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World leaders confirm need for strong sanctions on Russia

NHK reported this morning that in response to a call from President Biden, the G7 held a virtual emergency leaders’ meeting earlier today to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition to the leaders of the G7 members, the leaders of the EU, NATO, Poland, and Romania took part in the session. They affirmed the importance of pursuing further global unity to impose even tougher sanctions on Moscow to hold it accountable for the war of aggression. Prime Minister Kishida explained during the teleconference that Japan has taken tough punitive measures in coordination with the United States and Europe. “The Russian invasion rattles not only European security but also the international order. We need to demonstrate the high cost of attempting to alter the status quo by force. It’s critical for the international community to deal with the situation resolutely.” The Japanese leader also commented on President Putin’s moves to put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert by saying: “As the leader of a country that has suffered atomic bombing and a politician representing a place where an atomic bombing occurred, I insist that the threat or use of nuclear weapons not be condoned.” The leaders also agreed to continue supporting Ukraine.

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