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Toyota to halt operations at all domestic plants due to cyberattack on major supplier

All national dailies, including Nikkei, reported that Toyota Motor announced on Monday that it will halt operations at all 14 of its plants in Japan on March 1 as one of its major suppliers was hit by a suspected cyberattack that disrupted the automaker’s parts supply management system. The papers said this will affect the production of around 13,000 vehicles, or about 5% of Toyota’s monthly output in Japan. Toyota subsidiaries Hino Motors and Daihatsu Motor will also halt operations at some of their plants in Japan on Tuesday. According to Yomiuri, Prime Minister Kishida told reporters on Monday: “We are still confirming the damage. It’s difficult to say whether this incident is connected with Russia until we finish the confirmation.”


According to the papers, the company that suffered the suspected cyberattack was Kojima Industries, which supplies Toyota with plastic parts for automotive interiors. Nikkei said the company told the paper that it is still “investigating” the origin of the cyberattack, the specific malware involved, and the resulting damage. The daily added that it is unknown whether the automakers will be able to resume normal operations on Wednesday. According to NHK, ransomware was apparently used in the cyberattack against the Toyota subsidiary.

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