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Japan mulls providing bulletproof vests to Ukraine

  • March 4, 2022
  • , NHK, NTV, TBS, Fuji TV, TV Asahi
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NHK reported that the GOJ is making arrangements to send relief supplies to Poland to assist Ukraine via a government plane to be operated by the SDF. Prime Minister Kishida has stressed that Japan stands with the people of Ukraine and pledged assistance worth $100 million to the nation in coordination with international organizations. Following the prime minister’s remarks to the press on Thursday that Japan will consider providing humanitarian assistance such as medicine to Ukraine in addition to financial support, the GOJ is making arrangements to send items currently held by the SDF, including emergency rations, sanitation supplies, and winter clothes. The network said the government is also studying the possibility of including bulletproof vests in the relief supplies.


All commercial networks aired similar reports, adding the government will make a decision at an NSC meeting this afternoon on whether to provide bulletproof vests. The networks speculated that the government will make a decision in accordance with Japan’s three principles for the transfer of defense equipment and the Self-Defense Forces Law. TBS said a number of LDP lawmakers voiced support for the idea of Japan providing bulletproof vests to Ukraine at a party meeting this morning, and Chairman Sato Masahisa of the LDP Foreign Affairs Division stated that it is important for Japan to do whatever it can for Ukraine. The participants also discussed the possibility of Japan closing its airspace to Russian planes and GOJ officials told the LDP lawmakers there that the issue is under discussion. Fuji TV said it is highly unusual for Japan to provide bulletproof vests to a foreign country.

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