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Japan’s diplomacy returns to Cold War mode of West vs. Moscow 

  • March 7, 2022
  • , Sankei
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Sankei wrote today that Japan’s diplomacy has been hit hard by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, saying that the Kishida administration is busy supporting the United States and Europe in helping Ukraine defeat the invading Russian forces. Japan is now facing a world in which “it is crystal clear who our friends and foes are,” in the words of a source close to Prime Minister Kishida. Noting that former Prime Minister Abe was keen to seize the diplomatic initiative in reaching out to even autocratic leaders such as President Putin and the leaders of Turkey and Iran while at the same time maintaining strong bonds with President Trump, the daily speculated that Prime Minister Kishida may not have the same leeway to conduct his own diplomacy at a time when the international community is divided into a Western camp supporting Ukrainian independence and a Russia-led autocratic bloc that is reminiscent of the Cold War era. The paper noted that even the rhetoric used by Japanese officials resembles that of the Cold War.  

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