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PFAS above GOJ standard detected in groundwater in Kin Town

  • March 5, 2022
  • , Okinawa Times, Ryukyu Shimpo
  • JMH Summary

Saturday’s Okinawa Times wrote that 93 nanograms per liter of PFAS, which is above the GOJ’s provisional standard of 50 nanograms, was detected in one of the two underground water reserves in the town of Kin in a water quality survey conducted by the prefectural and municipal governments on March 2. The local governments conducted a spot survey following the detection of 59 nanograms of PFAS in tap water in the town in February. However, the latest survey detected 31 nanograms per liter of PFAS, which is lower than the GOJ standard, in tap water near the water purification facility in the town. The paper wrote that the water purification facility has stopped drawing water from four of its six underground water reserves and that 292, 205, 204, and 139 nanograms per liter of PFAS were detected in samples collected from these four reserves in the latest survey. The paper quoted Kin Mayor Nakama as saying that although PFAS contamination in tap water was lower than the GOJ standard, concern about contamination lingers because unexpected levels of PFAS were detected in underground water.


Sunday’s Ryukyu Shimpo carried an editorial arguing that PFAS above the government standard of 50 nanograms per liter was detected in tap water in Kin Town in June 2020 and February this year and that although the level of PFAS contamination detected in the survey conducted this month was below the government standard, the PFAS contamination in the town should not be overlooked. The editorial said that the prefectural and municipal governments have been calling on the U.S military to accept an on-site inspection at Camp Hansen based on the view that the base could be the source of the contamination, but the Marines have been denying the possibility of the base being linked to the contamination and rejecting the request. The paper insisted that the U.S. military should immediately accept an on-site inspection.

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