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JNN poll: 86% concerned Ukraine crisis could lead to crisis in Taiwan, Senkakus

  • March 7, 2022
  • , TBS
  • JMH Summary

TBS reported at noon on the results of its opinion poll conducted over the weekend, which found that 86% of respondents said they were concerned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could lead to an attempt by China to change the status quo by force over Taiwan or the Senkaku islands, 45% said they were extremely concerned, 41% said they were concerned to some extent, 9% said they were not so concerned, and 2% said they were not concerned at all. In addition, when asked about Japan’s sanctions against Russia, 69% said Japan should strengthen sanctions in line with the United States and Europe, while 26% said Japan should pursue its own diplomacy. Concerning the GOJ’s announcement that Japan will accept evacuees from Ukraine, 86% welcomed it, while 9% did not.


On COVID-19, 56% welcomed the GOJ’s measures, while 33% did not. In addition, 34% said the GOJ’s relaxing of border controls was appropriate, 22% said it should further relax the measures, and 39% said it should tighten them. 


When asked about the possibility of “nuclear sharing” with the U.S., 18% said the GOJ should hold discussions on the matter, 60% said the GOJ should hold discussions on the matter but not allow nuclear sharing, and 18% said the GOJ should not even hold discussions on the matter.


Public support for the Kishida Cabinet dropped 3.3 points from last month to 56.9%. Nonsupport rose 2.2 points to 38.4%.

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