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LDP Secretary General Motegi expresses view on “nuclear sharing”

  • March 7, 2022
  • , NHK digital
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NHK reported online that LDP Secretary General Motegi expressed his view on the idea of “nuclear sharing” with the United States at a press briefing on Monday. The broadcaster quoted Motegi as saying that NATO interprets the idea as an arrangement under which decision making and political responsibilities are shared and nuclear weapons are only deployed in a limited number of non-nuclear countries in Europe. He reportedly added that if the idea of “nuclear sharing” does not necessarily mean physically sharing nuclear weapons, it cannot be said to directly run counter to the concept of Japan’s Three Non-Nuclear Principles. However, Motegi added that the idea of “nuclear sharing” should be discussed from the viewpoint of how to ensure deterrence for the medium to long term and that the most urgent issue for Japan at the moment is how to respond to the increasingly severe security environment.

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