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Prime minister’s schedule on March 8, 2022

  • March 9, 2022
  • , Sankei , p. 5
  • JMH Translation

March 8, 2022  


Left the Prime Minister’s Official Residence [Kotei] on foot.       


Arrived at the Prime Minister’s Office [Kantei].        

08:22 – 08:34  

Held a Cabinet meeting.  

08:36 – 09:03  

Met with Minister in charge of Economic Revitalization Yamagiwa Daishiro; Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara Seiji; Cabinet Secretariat New Capitalism Realization Headquarters Acting Secretary-General Niihara Hiroaki; and Cabinet Office Vice Minister Tawa Hiroshi.  

09:57 – 10:29  

Met with Head of the Secretariat of the Headquarters for the Abduction Issue Ishikawa Shoichiro of the Cabinet Secretariat.    

10:30 – 10:45  

Met with Kyushu Economic Federation Chairman Kuratomi Sumio, et al. LDP Upper House member Matsuyama Masaji was present.  

10:46 – 10:48  

Met with Matsuyama.  

10:50 – 11:14  

Met with National Security Secretariat Secretary-General Akiba Takeo, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Mori Takeo, and MOFA Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau Director-General Funakoshi Takehiro.  


Left the Kantei.  


Arrived at Jikei University Hospital in Tokyo’s Nishi-Shimbashi district. Had a routine health checkup.  


Left the hospital.  


Arrived at the Kantei.  

13:50 – 14:17  

Met with Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Tokura Shun’ichi.    


Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu; Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries Kihara and Kuryu Shun’ichi; Akiba; Director of Cabinet Intelligence Takizawa Hiroaki; and Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Yamada Shigeo entered the room.  


Commissioner of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Hosaka Shin joined the meeting.  


All left the room.  

15:00 – 15:22  

Held a teleconference with Indonesian President Joko Widodo.  


Akiba and Takizawa entered the room.  


MOD Defense Policy Bureau Director-General Masuda Kazuo joined the meeting.  


Masuda left the room. Public Security Intelligence Agency Deputy Director-General Yokoo Yoichi joined the meeting.  


Yokoo left the room.  


Akiba left the room.  


Takizawa left the room.  

16:13 – 16:25  

Met with Nagasaki Gov. Oishi Kengo. Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Kaneko Genjiro was present.  

16:37 – 16:53  

Received a courtesy call from Tsukuba City Mayor Igarashi Tatsuo of Ibaraki Prefecture regarding tourism to Mt. Tsukuba. LDP Lower House member Kunimitsu Ayano was present.  

16:59 – 17:09  

Met with Special Advisor to the Prime Minister Mori Masafumi, MIC Measures against the Novel Coronavirus Regional Cooperation Promotion Headquarters Director Omura Shin’ichi, and METI Director-General for Policy Planning and Coordination Kataoka Koichiro.  

17:11 – 18:17  

Held a meeting of the Council of New Form of Capitalism Realization.  


Left the Kantei on foot.  


Arrived at the Kotei.  


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