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Ten Russian naval ships transit Tsugaru Strait

  • March 11, 2022
  • , NHK
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NHK reported that the Ministry of Defense announced that ten Russian naval ships transited the Tsugaru Strait from March 10 to 11 in an apparent warning to Japan following its imposition of sanctions on Russia.  According to the ministry, ten Russian naval ships were confirmed transiting waters about 180 km off Erimo Pier of Hokkaido at about 2 a.m. on Thursday. The ships reportedly passed through the Tsugaru Strait toward the Sea of Japan today. The network said the Russian navy has been conducting large-scale training since last month, and the ten naval ships are believed to have participated in the training. The network added that although foreign vessels, including military vessels, are allowed to transit the Tsugaru Strait as it is an international stretch of water, an MOD source reportedly said: “It is rare for so many Russian naval ships to transit the Tsugaru Strait together. It may be an attempt to keep Japan in check following its imposition of sanctions on Russia.”

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